The Team

Meet the sensual team that make up Mahogany.  We are a happy sisterhood of sharing and caring empowered women defining and redefining our sexuality. Our topics span sex, sexuality, erotica, sex tips, sexual health and many more.

Our Goal Build a community of self-aware women who understands the need for sex education through expression and exploration

Our Objectives Create written and visual striking content that addresses all topics on sexuality

Our Tone Mahogany is strictly intolerant to use of slangs and vocabularies that shame or demean women. Our language and tone is friendly, direct, engaging, uplifting, upbeat, uncensored, and informative

We are a team of self-aware women. Deeply and thoroughly in love with our own sensuality and proud of the journey that bought us here. We are unapologetic and without shame.

We believe in emboldening black women through honest and open discussions on our bodies and our rights to sexual freedom. We challenge the status quo and disband myths that seek to keep us ignorant or suppress our voice.

We are tired of the single narrative in the media. We don’t believe women are less sexual or should be taught to believe that they are. We believe in educating the girl-child and empowering the woman to respect and enjoy her own sexuality.

Our helpline is open 24/7 to questions and stories relating to sex, sexual health, sex tips, sex education, relationships and intimacy. We pledge our full discretion and rapt attention to all your questions and stories.

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Welcome to the Sisterhood of Fun, Vibrant and Successful Women. We are overwhelmed that you are coming on board this ship with us. The waters may become rough and scary, but we look forward to riding the waves of self-discovery and awareness with you.




I have skin as dark as coal, as firm as a teenager's breasts and as soft and smooth as a baby's butt :)


She is the soul of a black woman in the body of a goddess She is the embodiment of sexuality and the vision of love She is sexy, she is black, and she is self-aware. Mahogany is you at your best and your worst.



Extremely sensual. Soul of a goddess. Dominatrix. Loves wild adventures and music. Craves attention and worship.



Brown skinned petite girl, a pure soul,dirty mind,twisted thoughts and a lovely heart molded into kinks.



A deep thinker with wild and creative imaginations/ A natural flirt with a beautiful mind.

The Juice


She is a good woman with a wild soul | A ditsy bombshell with a round ass | A mindful, playful spank| Discreet | Interwoven