Dear Mahogany, I am a breast cancer survivor , I got double mastectomy.

I have two beautiful daughters, 16 and 19 years old. The last two years was hell for me, I was fighting breast cancer, I had to get a double mastectomy, they had to cut off both my breast to save my life. My mom died of breast cancer, and I know how she suffered before she died. My girls were not with me during those trying periods, all they know is mom was a little bit ill. But now they are coming home by February.

I know early detection is key and I have to tell my daughters to get tested for breast cancer and to know if they are at risk of getting cancer because of the history we have in our family. If there is a chance that they are at risk, they might have to get preventive surgery and get a double mastectomy.

You can imagine how horrible this feels as a mother, to tell her children they might have to cut off their breast to save their lives. They are still at the prime of their lives. I know some celebrities who had to get double mastectomy, in order to prevent any chance of breast cancer. But still as a mother, how do I go about this, telling my kids they might have to lose their physical sign of womanhood in order to live.

Please help me.

Caroline 42.

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The only advice for you is to open up and tell your daughters the truth. Let them know all you went through and how you were able to service. Also make them understand that the earlier they see the doctor and carry out the necessary tests. Whatever decision they decide to take, you will just have to stand by them and give them your support.

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