Honestly speaking, there is no medically approved way to engage in erotic asphyxiation, also known as the choking game. But there are safe procedures and precaution one can follow to prevent causalities and even death.  I have listed some precaution and procedures for you and your partner, so that you can enjoy your erotic asphyxiation in the safest way possible.



Just like with every sexual activities, erotic asphyxiation must be carried out with consent from both parties. It could be termed as sexual assault if carried out without a mutual agreement and consent. It could also lead to a situation where one party begins to panic and lose control, which could cause the situation to become fatal.

  • TRUST:

It is very important that you only take part in the choking game with someone you have complete trust in and you are very confident with his or her intentions towards you. This should also be someone who is in can easily handle the situation in the safest way possible, someone who would not lose control and panic. This should also be someone who doesn’t have the characteristic of being careless and easily carried away.


Safe words are very important and they should be simple and easy to remember for both parties. When picking the safe word, let both parties be involved and agree on a mutual word or words. Do not engage in autoerotic asphyxiation if there is no mutual agreement with the safe word, or the words are complex and not easy to remember. Use simple word like fan, book, bed etc. In a situation where words are not used, agree on a mutual signal so your partner will know when to let you go.


Control is the most important part of the chocking game. Both parties must be in control of the situation and they must be alert at any sign or signal that something is wrong, in order to avoid causality. They must both know how to lose any restrain, and how to apply first aid in case it will be required. It is also important to remember that all restrains should be loosely tied in order to allow easy escape in uncomfortable situations.


Drugs and alcohol should be completely avoided when engaging in the chocking game, in order not to get carried away and lose control. Also engaging in erotic asphyxiation after the administration of drugs or alcohol could lead to suffocation and death.


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