Ladies get in here, you see I’m always trying to bring you some of the hottest gist trending on social media, so today I am bringing to you dick print twitter. Mr. Jack Robinson, @jackdre02 on twitter asked guys to post pictures of their dick prints in sweat pants, boxers or any other prints.

Anyway, I have results of the dick print thread. Grab your drinks ladies and enjoy the thread. But while I post the pictures, I will not be giving out the identity of the dick print owners. Enjoy the mystery anonymous dick print pictures.

Ladies, shall we?

First picture: The Magnet.  

Second picture: Pussy eater.

Third picture: The Controller.

Fourth Picture: This is my favorite and I’m not sharing with anybody. I will call this Hot Papi.

Fifth Picture: Hot Sauce.

Sixth Picture: Let’s call this Sausage.

Seventh Picture: Hide and Seek.

Eighth Picture: This definitely is the Cassava Tekno promised us.

Picture number nine, I present to you…. Under the Towel

Ladies, I know you are enjoying yourself, but this is the most delicious dick print picture I have seen, and somehow, I think it would have a wonderful taste. So let’s call this Sweet Pleasure.

Officially, I have stopped counting. This I will call Have A Feel.

This definitely is the Womb Shifter.

Let’s call this The Rod.

And because  I love y’all so much, I’m going to give you one for the road. Feel free to give it whatever name you deem fit.

Season Greetings to you all.

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