Dear Mahogany, How do I tell my boyfriend about penis enlargement drugs without hurting his feelings?

I recently got into a new relationship and the truth is, I like my men’s dick big. Large penises from 6 inches and above are huge turn on, smaller ones are okay, but they do not get me excited as the larger ones. My boyfriend’s penis is on the smaller size, and I know about penis enlargement drugs and pills that would work effectively to increase his dick size.

My problem now is how to tell him about these drugs without hurting his feelings, and hope this would not have a negative effect on our relationship.

I will be awaiting your reply, thank you.

Clara 26.

Dear Clara,

Thank you for reaching out to us. But honestly, if you are worried about attaining sexual satisfaction from large penis, I would like you to know that most times, size doesn’t matter rather girth does. If someone is 5inches and skinny, that will feel a lot different than 5inches and thick.

But if you are bent of having him increase his penis size, then first you should talk to him, and get his opinion on what he feels about getting a lager dick, and what he feels about using penis enlargement drugs, before suggesting the drugs to him. This way you will be able to predict his reactions when you finally open up about what’s bothering you.

Also try to read this highlighted text.






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