Dear Mahogany,

I appreciate this platform that allows us to speak up about otherwise taboo topics. Thank you for this opportunity.
I met someone yesterday and the chemistry made sparks fly. We were both obviously hot for each other. He even made the first move and was persistent but I held back. There was this nagging thought at the back of my mind that if we were to have sex on the first day, his opinion of me would change.
Does it make me cheap to want to have sex on the very first day?





Dear Sandy, 

Sex on the first date isn’t wrong and should not make you feel cheap. Societal norms has given us an idea that only men can enjoy this privilege. Most men don’t add ‘first date sex’ to their body count.

Having sex on your first date is totally up to you. This decision depends on the circumstances and person involved.

For example, what do you expect from the relationship? What level of intimacy already exists between you guys before the first date (sexting, phone sex, etc)? Do you want it as a ‘one time’ thing?

If these conclusions are mutual and something that you expect, then go ahead. If not, wait till your comfortable. Always remember, you deserve to be happy.



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