Champagne, the perfect aphrodisiac. It might be news that champagne is an aphrodisiac, but you really shouldn’t be surprised that one of the world’s most potent natural aphrodisiac is a symbol of celebration. It should also not come as a surprise that this delicious little aphrodisiac was the great temptress Marilyn Monroe’s favorite drink. 



The color of a good champagne can vary, but it usually falls in the realm of light gold or a pale yellow. Gold defines luxury. The froth and fizz of this ‘elite drink’ is blessed with an amazing property, and i.e. it enhances sex drive. Having a glass of this elite drink before sex is said to turn the night more romantic and exciting. It increases the duration of foreplay and intercourse.

  • SMELL:

Once a champagne has been poured in a glass, or even removing the cork and cage of the bottle, the aroma cannot be mistaken. The aroma should be like that of freshly baked bread, with a hint of wet limestone. The scents of dry champagne replicate the delicate aromas of female pheromones, one of the important hormones responsible for female sex life.


The mouthfeel of a great champagne is creamy, soft and mellow. Not abrasive and overly loud. It should feel crisp in the mouth, with tightly knit bubbles that aren’t necessarily sharp, but sturdy instead. This luxury drink hits the blood quicker than still wine, and elevates mood. Even if the drink makes you high, you will be loaded with energy to make the night more romantic and the act more intense.


The flavor of a dry champagne should be bready, with crisp apple and melon characteristics throughout. Have your favorite drink and make it to the bedroom like never before. A small spill of champagne over the pussy can take care of any concerns one might have about the taste– for a little while, at least.

These are the wonders of the perfect aphrodisiac.



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