I met my boyfriend at a party. He is tall, dark, handsome and very intelligent.. I really like the conversation we had at the party after the party we exchanged numbers and we kept in touch with each other…
Long story short, we are in relationship but the only problem is that sex with him is very horrible. Not only is his dick small (as in the size of my thumb) he is also a 2mins guy, he doesn’t even spend time on foreplay to compensate for the horrible sex we have.. I have to use my vibrator every time I get home and I can’t take this any more plus I don’t want to cheat on him..

What can I do and how do I tell him that he doesn’t satisfy me sexually with out messing with his ego? And I don’t want this affect our relationship cause I really like him

– Unsatisfied, 26

Dear Unsatisfied,

First we have to applaud you for taking one for the team. The mere fact that you like this guy well enough to want to make it work despite his size, well kudos, sis!

To be honest, a lot women can not take it (pun unintended) and would cheat without thinking.

We have to ask though:

How does he feel about not satisfying you?

Has he asked you about it?

Does he take it for granted that you don’t seem to mind? 

The reasons for this questions are clear:

If he doesn’t care about satisfying you or not, then he is a selfish person and that’s not good for a relationship. If he has never asked you about it, it means your relationship lacks communication which is vital for it to work, especially where sex is concerned. If he takes it for granted that you don’t mind, then you shouldn’t expect any improvements from that corner.

Bottom line is, if you can’t increase his size by will power, you should be able to talk about your other options, e.g enhancers, sex toys, and so on.  Remember, communication may be the most important step to having better sex and learning what works for both of you.

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