I know you like the D but it comes with an ugly sack (sometimes not so ugly) and you don’t know what to do with it.. Don’t neglect it still.. Kiss it,tongue-stroke it,tease it and drop it in your wet mouth. You have no idea how exciting that can be for men. Take care of your man.. Blow his mind while you blow his schlong 😀

Spice things up, find the line that runs between his balls and start licking it from the lowest point upwards using your soft, flat tongue. Sweep all the way up the shaft of his penis, right to the tip. Maintain passionate eye contact while you repeat the lick nine or ten times, then zoom in on the tip and focusing lovin’ and lickin’.

Take one testicle into your mouth and hum, then repeat with the other one. The vibration effect will feel great. Or hold a vibrator against his balls while you take his penis in your mouth – but put it on gentle vibration unless you know for sure he’s into power tools…

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